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Friday, May 29, 2015

Finbar Wright/ MHI CD

Finbar Wright/MHI CD Finbar Wright/MHI CD

Dealing with stress in unsettling times
Mental Health Ireland CD with the voice of Finbar Wright, Renowned Tenor
Music therapy is widely accepted as an effective tool in improving mental health, with evidence to show that music can help to stimulate natural ‘feel good’ chemicals (endorphins).
With this in mind, Mental Health Ireland launched in 2009 a CD featuring the voice and music of renowned tenor, Finbar Wright. The launch took place at ‘An Evening with Mr Wright’ – a rare solo concert performed at the National Concert Hall on Monday, 23rd February 2009.
The CD, and an accompanying shamrock badge, are part of a mental health promotion campaign by Mental Health Ireland to mark St Patrick’s Day this year. The CD has been produced with Finbar providing sound, straightforward advice and information on the importance of maintaining good mental health through, for example, ways to deal effectively with stress and anxiety.  The CD also features Finbar’s distinctive singing voice interspersed with music to help soothe, relax and aid meditation.
This high quality CD couldn’t come at a better time, given the fact that the country’s economic decline is affecting so many individuals and families. It is inevitable that this is having repercussions in the area of mental health in Ireland, with a sharp increase in helpline calls from those experiencing anxieties about their future.
The CD is aimed at all age groups of the general population.  It will prove invaluable in highlighting the steps everyone can take to help themselves and those who may become affected from time to time by stress, insomnia, fatigue or irritability. Highlighting the point that we all must take care of our mental health, Finbar’s message is this: “If you are to have any kind of fruitful life, it isn’t wealth and success that matter – happiness is the important thing.”
Priced at just €5.00, the CD and shamrock badge can be ordered directly from Mental Health Ireland by sending your request along with a cheque/postal order to:
Mental Health Ireland,
Mensana House,
2 Marine Terrace,
Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.
Cheques should be made payable to Mental Health Ireland.
Whether as a source of information or enjoyment for a person or as a St. Patrick’s Day gift to a loved one, Mental Health Ireland believes that Finbar Wright’s core message on mental health needs to be heard.
Also where a sprig of shamrock may or may not be readily available, Mental Health Ireland is encouraging the people of Ireland to wear the St. Patrick’s Day badge available with the CD, to proudly acknowledge our national day of celebration.

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