06 Nov 2015

Busking and shoes

Busking shoes

I sometimes go busking during the summer and because I play sitting down, I notice what shoes people are wearing.

I try to guess what people are like, based on their choice of shoes.

For instance, men’s Birkenstock open-toed sandals with woolly socks could be worn by an academic or a middle-aged hippy.

Flowery Doc Martens could belong to an art student who wants to add a bit of femininity to her tomboy image.

Women’s flip flops can range from the plain rubber ones to a diamante style, depending on the personality and perhaps the budget of the wearer. The sound they make lives up to their name.

The babies also have lovely shoes but spend most of the time throwing them out of the buggies.

It’s not unusual for men to wear Clarke’s black winter shoes with shorts in the summer. I even spotted a man in these shoes who was wearing a black pleated woman’s skirt.
Some women wear comfortable ecco shoes while others totter on platforms or high heels.

The cool dudes of all ages wear psychedelic Nike trainers.

Some shoes are brisk and business-like while others are slower and more leisurely. The shoes of people with Zimmer frames shuffle and those with sticks limp. Small children’s shoes patter by and sometimes dance.

But best of all are the shoes whose owners stop and throw money into my box.

Bye for now

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