08 Dec 2015

Dublin’s fair city


I live half an hour by DART from Dublin City Centre. Sometimes it feels like a world away. I associate it with crowds and noise, neither of which I like.

I’m happy to travel to Dublin during the day. Sometimes I will meet a friend for lunch or afternoon coffee and a mooch, or show a relative or a guest some of the sights; for example, the Viking Splash is great fun. I’m also happy to go to a concert or reading at lunchtime or at teatime, or an afternoon film.

But after dark – well, that’s another story. I don’t think it advisable to be a lone woman walking or on public transport in town late at night. Even if I’m meeting a friend I still have to get there and back on my own.

The times I have done so, I was struck by the fact that I was the only loner in the street – the others were all in couples or groups.

Nowadays, if I really want to go to something, I choose a concert which is being held in a venue close to the DART station, and get a taxi home, or better still, a lift from a friend. Unfortunately this limits the choice I have. Sometimes there are concerts I hate having to miss.

But I’m discovering local activities that I can do instead of going into Dublin. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Bye for now

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