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Mental Health Ireland has over 40 Mental Health Associations throughout Ireland. They are all run by volunteers from within the community, including mental health professionals, service users and family members, who provide a range of supports for people with mental health conditions.

Mental Health Associations provide a range of services including providing advice and information on mental health issues, raise funds for social inclusion activities, support the development of peer-led day services and provide education and training opportunities for people with mental health conditions.

Is there an MHA in your area?

You can check our listing here to see if there is an MHA in your area. You may consider volunteering with them. If not perhaps you and some like minded people have the skills to really help.

If you are interested in setting up a Mental Health Association in your local community we would ask you to contact our head office on 01 288 1166 or via email at info@mentalhealthireland.ie.

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