Before you apply

Before you start, here is the information you need for your application:
1.   Details about your organisation
  • The legal name of your organisation
  • Your organisation’s address
  • What type of organisation it is (for example: A registered charity or not-for-profit company)?
  • Details of your contact person (name, address, phone no., email)
2.   Information about your project
  • The aim of the project and the key activities to be undertaken
  • How your project will help your community
  • Intended impact of this project
  • We want to know about your project costs
  • We need you to make sure that your application is once-off and that it has no major on-going revenue implications
    (e.g. capital projects / day to day running costs)
3.   We also ask you to read and tick to agree terms and conditions
4.   Supporting documents required
  • Recent banks statements for verification purposes. Financial data can be redacted
  • Cost breakdown for the project if you choose not to populate the table or have more information to add
  • Copy of the annual report form submitted to the charity regulator
5.   Use this document to prepare, save and file but make sure to submit the application online
The types of projects eligible for this grant:
Projects that align to any of the 4 domains of Sharing the Vision
  • Domain 1: Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention
  • Domain 2: Service Access, Coordination & Continuity of Care
  • Domain 3: Social Inclusion
  • Domain 4: Accountability & Continuous Improvement
Projects that align to any of the 7 goals of Connecting for Life
  • Goal 1: To improve the nation’s understanding of and attitudes to suicidal behaviour, mental health and wellbeing
  • Goal 2: To support local communities’ capacity to prevent and respond to suicidal behaviour
  • Goal 3: To target approaches to reduce suicidal behaviour and improve mental health among priority groups
  • Goal 4: To enhance accessibility, consistency and care pathways of services for people vulnerable to suicidal behaviour
  • Goal 5: To ensure safe and high-quality services for people vulnerable to suicide
  • Goal 6: To reduce and restrict access to means of suicidal behaviour
  • Goal 7: To improve surveillance, evaluation and high-quality research relating to suicidal behaviour

Need help?
If you need help completing this form, please email