Thrive is an international movement that supports communities through engagement and activities that build and nurture our mental health and wellbeing. It is shaped and led by you and your community and supported by Mental Health Ireland.

Building upon the work of colleagues in Philadelphia, New York, West Midlands UK and London, Mental Health Ireland are bringing the mental health model of Thrive to Dublin. Following a study of local demographics and profiles across Dublin and discussions with local community representatives and leaders, Balbriggan was identified as a compatible community to initiate this approach.

Thrive in North Dublin is endorsed by Seána Ó’Rodaigh the Mayor of Fingal and the local authority of Fingal County Council.  Thrive in Ireland has international peer support and is guided by evidence-based research.


Thrive aims to build an understanding and awareness of mental health and wellbeing within our homes, workplaces, schools and society by reducing stigma. It keeps the character and identity of the town at its core and aims to create a mental health friendly community for all. As Mental Health Ireland, we are guiding people to help themselves by providing key support networks and processes to move from a deficit model to an asset-based approach.

Thrive involves people working together collaboratively and in a co-productive manner in order to generate ideas and identify the real problems within communities. This empowers communities and works across diversities and inequalities to support and tackle the series challenges that society has.


In September 2021, key stakeholders in Balbriggan came together to develop aspirations and actions for the community to thrive at an engagement called ‘Thrive n’ Conversations’. This event marked the beginning of an open conversation about mental health and wellbeing and offered the opportunity for people to become part of a collective purpose in their community.

THRIVE Balbriggan

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