Mental Health Ireland is involved in a number of local and national partnerships. These partnerships cover a range of areas including music, performance arts, outdoor activities and more.

These partnerships are important to Mental Health Ireland; they provide opportunities for us to explore different elements of mental health and wellbeing and expand our reach to new audiences.

Our partnerships include:

Cast Film Festival
See Change

Green Ribbon Talk & Walk Events

Mental Health Ireland supports See Change’s Green Ribbon annual campaign of national Let’s Talk & Walk Forest Walks.
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Woodlands For Health

Research has shown that engagement with nature through outdoor activities can have a significant positive impact on people’s mental health
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First Fortnight

Mental Health Ireland are proud to partner with First Fortnight, a charity-based organisation with the express aim of challenging mental health prejudice through the creative arts.
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Mental Health Ireland have partnered with Coillte Outdoors on a number of private and public Coillte events.
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CAST Film Festival

Mental Health Ireland is delighted to partner and support The CAST Film Festival once again in 2016.
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