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08 Sep 2017

The Committee – a poem by David


A reflective piece on project presentation

We met up with the top dogs
And presented our project
It has all come together and defied all logic
We improvised and recited our own individual pieces
This study resulted like and overall thesis
Our research had progressed into something more,
It balanced out everything and evened the score
When the time came to discuss our lullaby of need
The time had begun to consume everything and feed
We accepted everything the committee had to say
Except for what one woman had thrown in the way
Obstacles around funding the weekend centre project
Money for this was going to be something of an object
We resolved everything quickly and minimised expenses
After this everyone came to their senses
A weekend day centre where the lonely can meet
Have a chat, a cup of coffee and maybe something to eat
To have talks and activities for the clients to engage
It would be open to everyone of all different ages
Therapeutic and effective,
This weekend centre would take off
And develop into something with purpose and thought.

Thank you David for sharing your poem.



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