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11 Sep 2017

MINDSCAPE Summit: Nature based solutions – 14 October

MINDSCAPE Summit: Nature based solutions for Campus & Community Well-Being
Nature provides both the greatest threat and the greatest opportunity for our communities, campuses and cities.”

MINDSCAPE explores the fusion of mind and landscape, and how our emotions map to places. Our unique relationship to nature, our connectivity to forests, rivers, parks, trees and waterscapes will be discussed in terms of cutting-edge research and innovative practice. We address the opportunities that interacting with nature can have for health, well-being and increased environmental awareness, with lessons for policy-makers, practitioners and those engaged in the promotion of outdoor activity.

The event takes place on Saturday 14th October starting at 8.30am in Clarisford Park. You can book your space here

What is the theme?
The theme of this inaugural event is ‘Well-Being for Healthy Campuses and Healthy Communities’ and it aims to share and discuss practice and innovation in this space with particular experiences drawn from case studies, world leading research and personal narratives.

Who Should Go?
All are invited to attend, and MINDSCAPE will be of particular interest to researchers, policymakers, students in environmental, well-being and outdoor activity sectors, those in sport bodies and physical activity promotion, members of NGOs and agencies interested in health, well-being, nature and our environment.

You can book your space here

Who is Speaking?
Confirmed Keynotes speakers include:
• Prof. David Sheffield, Health psychologist, and a world leader in our understanding of nature connectedness and a key founder of the Nature Connectedness Research group in the University of Derby.
• Prof. Marc Jones, Professor of Stress and Emotion at Staffordshire University, a world-expert on the emotion nature and action interactions.
• Professor Juergen Beckmann of the Technical University of Munich, a leading authority on mental health and well-being among sporting and athletic samples.
• Dr. Niamh Murphy, Waterford IT, a leader in translational research in physical activity and Smarter Travel interventions.
• Prof. Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, Barcelona Institute for Global Health, an expert from medical epidemiology with leadership experience on many European funded projects on nature and health, most recently on the topic of naturing cities.
• Dr. Annalisa Setti, University College Cork, a cognitive psychologist, interested in understanding how activities in nature are embodied and recalled.
• CEO of the Psychological Society of Ireland, Terri Morrissey, a chartered organisational psychologist who has spent decades exploring individual and societal change.
• Professor Alan Donnelly from the University of Limerick, a world-expert in investigating sedentary behaviour with recent highly cited works on the reliable measurement of physical activity.
Irish Innovators, Scientists and Practitioners including EPA funded researchers investigating nature, the environment, and health and well-being including Dr Easkey Britton a researcher on the

NEAR Health Project.
Additionally findings will be shared from the UCD based Eco-Health project which explores the health benefits of ecosystems services as a means to supply evidence and tools for developing health promoting environments or ‘healthy places’, and the TCD H2020 Connecting Nature project which is concerned with nature-based solutions in cities.

What is the format of the Event?
The conference will also include a series of presentations from practice based experience in engaging with citizen led science and communities followed by a panel and audience led discussion on addressing benefits, challenges and needs for such engagement. A range of fora will be employed to maximise the interactions including our outstanding keynotes, workshops, Table-Top discussions, Walk n’Talks, and Elevator Pitches from different stakeholders.

Indicative Schedule:
Welcome and Opening Address by Keith Wood Chair of Healthy Ireland.
Keynote on The European Context: Greening our cities.
Video Portraits of Irish Research Activities
Keynote on Nature and Well-being
Case Studies on Green and Blue Exercise: The living narrative
Elevator Pitches: Who’s who in the field.
Walk n’Talk with our Leaders
Additional Keynotes and Presentations to be confirmed.
Cappuccino Conversations: Networking Event
Capstone Summary and closing address by Prof. Rachel Msetfi (University of Limerick)

You can book your space here

Who are NEAR Health?
NEAR Health (@NEARHealth_NUIG) is a three year research project jointly funded by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Health Service Executive (HSE) to investigate how Nature and Environment can help everyone Attain and Restore health. We collaborate with communities to co-create inclusive nature-based solutions that promote and restore health and wellbeing, helping us value and care for a healthy environment. This project supports the implementation of the EPA Strategic Plan 2016-2020 – ‘Our Environment, Our wellbeing’ and Healthy Ireland, the national framework for action to improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Ireland.

Who should attend?
All are invited to attend, and MINDSCAPE will be of particular interest to researchers, policymakers, students in environmental, well-being and outdoor activity sectors, sport NGB’s and those involved in physical activity promotion, and members of NGOs and agencies interested in health, well-being, nature and our environment.

Is lunch provided?
Lunch is provided and if you require a gluten free option or have any specialist food requirements please contact us via email (gogreenex@gmail.com). Tea/coffee is also provided prior to the commencent of proceedings at 8.30am and again in the afternoon.

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