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11 Sep 2019

National 5000 Steps to Wellbeing Walk – Book Now!

To start Mental Health Week Our national 5,000 Steps to Wellbeing Walk will take place on Sunday 6th October at 2pm in the magnificent forest walk around the perimeter of UCD University College Dublin. Book your tickets NOW!!

We are delighted this year to partner with HealthyUCD on this walk and thank them for their hospitality.

Why 5,000 steps?

The walk promotes the Five Ways to Wellbeing and five physical steps just isn’t enough so we added 4995!

5,000 steps is approximately 4km and is at a walking pace.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing are actions we can take to look after our wellbeing. They were developed from extensive research carried out by the New Economics Foundation and they are:

  • ·         Connect
  • ·         Be Active
  • ·         Take Notice
  • ·         Keep Learning
  • ·         GiveMHI-5-ways-to-wellbeing

All five are easy to incorporate into our lives and we’re probably doing some of them already without even realising!

It’s a walk for everyone. Its buggy, wheelchair, scooter and doggie friendly.

The 4km walk is an opportunity for you and your family and friends to learn about the Five Ways to Wellbeing whilst on our leisurely walk. We will give a brief intro to each of the five ways at the 1,000 step markers and refreshments will be served at the end of the walk in the Student Union Centre in UCD.

Did I mention every walker gets a FREE t-shirt!

There is a small fee to take part. This money will go directly to funding the promotion of positive mental health via our programmes, training and campaigns.

·         Adults pay €15.

·         College students pay €5.

·         Children go free.

This year we are also launching Own Walks. We realise not everyone can make it to UCD on the 6th of October so we have prepared an event kit so you can organise your own walk within your own community. You can find out about organising your Own Walk here.

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