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03 Aug 2017

Scholarships available from Mental Health Ireland

The Certificate in Mental Health in the Community is a joint collaboration between Mental Health Ireland and the Centre for Adult and Continuing Education at UCC.

Since 2015, Mental Health Ireland has provided a Scholarship Fund to support eligible applicants undertaking the Certificate in Mental Health in the Community.

Scholarships are awarded up to a maximum of 50% of course fees with up to 40 individual Scholarships awarded by Mental Health Ireland each year. Scholarship Awards are competitive, may vary and strict eligibility criteria will apply.

You can download the application form here: MHI Scholarship Application Form 2017_v2.3

Eligibility and Selection Criteria:
There are three key selection criteria which Mental Health Ireland will apply in order to determine eligibility. These are:
1. Membership of one of Mental Health Ireland’s three Target Groups (listed below).
2. Quality and relevance of information included in the Personal Statement.
3. Evidence of financial need – (e.g. in receipt of Social Welfare payment)

Mental Health Ireland will prioritise applications received from the following target groups: (Listed in order of descending priority, where Group 1 receives highest priority)
Group 1: Peers/ persons having self-experience of mental health difficulties
Group 2: Carer/s and family members of mental health service users
Group 3: Individuals engaged in community activism /volunteering in the area of mental health.

Applicants who are a member of more than one eligible group will receive an additional weighting.
In any year, should the number of equally eligible applicants exceed the number of Scholarship Awards available, a lottery system will then apply.

Please Note:
Scholarship Applicants in receipt of a Social Welfare Payment must first seek assistance with course fees from their local Social Welfare Office before applying for a Scholarship Award from Mental Health Ireland. Evidence must be included in this application regarding funding assistance sought and the outcome.

You can download the application form here: MHI Scholarship Application Form 2017_v2.3

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