03 Nov 2015

CAST Film Festival

Mental Health Ireland is delighted to partner and support The CAST Film Festival once again in 2016. The CAST Film Festival ‘Calls to Action’ youth groups, schools and organisations to ‘Break the Mould’ and produce a film which sheds the light on a social issue indicating a possible solution to the identified issue.
CAST with Jill O'Herlihy

CAST believe and have witnessed schools, youth groups and communities explore and change their environments through the development of their films. The CAST Film Festival provides a platform for these organisations and communities to showcase their creative and engaging work to their peers.

The team at CAST believe that through the individual pieces of work that there is significant impact made to society both locally and in turn nationally.

The 2015/ 2016 entry form is here http://castfilmfestival.com/information/ if your students/ friends are interested in entering this year.

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Recent Partnerships / Archive