13 Nov 2015

First Fortnight

Mental Health Ireland is delighted to be involved with and to support the fantastic First Fortnight festival. The festival, which takes place in the first two weeks in January, was created to challenge mental health prejudice through the creative arts.

This year Mental Health Ireland is involved in two very exciting events on the First fortnight calendar of events. The first is on the 1st January and is a very special event. The Proclamation in Christchurch Cathedral will see well known Irish people including Caroline Casey, Chris Donohoe, Ais the Bash, Dr Tony Bates, Duirmaid Gavin and Eoghan McDermott talk about their Proclamation for mental health in 2016.

The second event is The Conversation Salon, a series of three informal lead conversations about mental health in community settings. Life Coach Heather Bourke will guide the group through a conversation menu of topics about mental health.

The Festival creates a space where people can talk about mental health issues in a non-scripted manner. Their hope is that this festival will help to change people’s perceptions about an issue that affects us all with one in four of us set to experience a mental health problem at some point in our lives.

They hope to make the First Fortnight of each year synonymous with mental health awareness, challenging prejudice and ending stigma.

Please mind your head

Founded in 2009, First Fortnight staged its first two-week arts festival in 2012. The charity has since become a mental health service provider with the establishment in 2013 of the First Fortnight Centre for Creative Therapies. The centre currently employs two psychotherapists providing art-therapy for individuals experiencing homelessness and mental ill-health in Dublin.

The First Fortnight charity is run entirely by a core group of volunteers.

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Recent Partnerships / Archive