30 Oct 2016

Vindication … #dignity

This blog was written by one of the members of Gateway Mental Health in Rathmines for the #Dignity series.

I remembered being bullied. I went back to study as a mature student. However it was not long before this other student started to have a go at me. After nine difficult months of negative comments and putdowns I finally reacted and readily admit I got aggressive. She reported me.

I was called in to account for my behaviour. This for me is where the respect begins. Even though it took time to convince the two people in authority, who sat opposite me, that I was the one being bullied. I was listened to and I was heard. They waited until the exams were completed to deal with the problem, which was a good thing too.

I was asked if I got aggressive. I replied honestly “yes”, and I also said “that if I didn’t express my anger, then I would have no integrity.’ I got a nodding assent.  There’s something about bullies… they don’t seem to see themselves at all.

This experience led to the rise of this poem.

‘Leaving behind’

I leave behind pain, hurt, deceit.

Destructive Patterns of relating.

No more fighting for dignity, for respect.

Torn apart, torn to shreds.

No More. No More, I shout.

No never again to be broken.

I journey onwards in a new light.

In new direction clear.

I open my heart.

To new love that lies waiting.

For I journey on forth for something better and ennobling.

No longer pain that leaves me raw and aching.

No more to suffer

For someone else’s pain.

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