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Mind Your Mental Health

Our mental health is a fundamental part of who we are. It determines and influences many aspects of our lives; how we view ourselves, our relationships and how we cope with the demands of life.

Mental Health Ireland’s newly developed one day training module, Mind Your Mental Health, is currently being delivered to workplaces and communities all over Ireland. This module is an introduction to the topic of mental health and well-being and provides an opportunity for participants to reflect on mental health and to learn strategies to enhance this.

Aims and Objectives

Mind Your Mental Health has been developed to:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of mental health and well-being
  • Provide participants with tools and strategies to promote their mental health and well-being
  • Promote the range of supports and resources available, both formal and informal.


Mind Your Mental Health is delivered in four units:

  1. Understanding Mental Health & Wellbeing
  2. Stress and Thinking Patterns
  3. Mental Health Difficulties, Support and Recovery
  4. Self-care Strategies

Where is the course held?

Our Area Development Officers can facilitate training around the country in a suitable location of your choice.

How long does it take?

The Mind Your Mental Health module is delivered over one day: 10am-4pm.

The following options can also be provided:

  • A half day Mind Your Mental Health workshop
  • A general mental health information session (up to 1.5 hours)

Is this course for me?

The Mind Your Mental Health workshop is of interest to anyone who wishes to learn more about the fundamentals of mental health and wellbeing. The workshop has been developed for adults in both community and workplace settings who want to learn more about mental health and well-being. It has been designed to help participants explore and enhance their understanding and knowledge in relation to health and mental health, the risk and protective factors that influence mental health, mental distress and accessing supports, stress and thinking patterns and self care strategies. Ideally participants should be over 18 years of age.

What can I expect?

Mind Your Mental Health is delivered in an interactive adult learning workshop format which includes presentations, discussions, case studies and group activities.

Please note that the workshop does not include specialised learning tools for people who have a diagnosed mental health condition and who are in crises. In such situations a learning experience that includes a greater one to one support structure would probably be more appropriate to support the individual’s needs.

Endorsement: Sentis

Mental health Ireland is committed to ensuring that we offer mental health promotion training to local communities and businesses across Ireland that is relevant, engaging and integrates the most current thinking and information available in relation to mental health and wellbeing.  Mind Your Mental Health (MYMH), which has recently been developed by Mental Health Ireland aims to offer such an innovative opportunity.

During the development of Mind Your Mental Health we spent a substantial amount of time considering the most effective and clear way to explain how the emotional brain works and the process that takes place when we strive to change our everyday patterns, habits and ways of dealing with life’s challenges.

In the course of our research we came across Sentis whom we found had developed video resources that exactly addressed our requirements in a way that was both clear and understandable. They had managed to make neuroscience accessible to all!!

We were absolutely delighted when Sentis agreed to provide us with the videos ‘The Emotional Brain’, and ‘Neuroplasticity’ for use within our Mind Your Mental Health training.  We recognise that having these videos will not only go a long way to helping us ensure that evidence based concepts are embedded into our training provision but will also facilitate the imparting of the learning in a way that is creative, informative and enjoyable.

We would like to sincerely thank Sentis for making these videos available to us and all the communities and businesses throughout Ireland who will participate in our Mind Your Mental Health training.

Who runs this course?

The module is delivered by the Area Development Officer team from Mental Health Ireland who have relevant third level academic qualifications / have extensive experience in training and facilitation.

How much does it cost?

There is no fee for the Community training workshop.

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