The community setting

The Health Promotion Strategic Framework (HSE, 2012) acknowledges the community as one of the key settings for promoting health. Mental Health Ireland has a well-established profile in communities across Ireland and has the flexibility to deliver tailored mental health promotion programmes within the community. Mental Health Ireland can facilitate communities to set the agenda for promoting their own mental health by helping them to identify their needs and to agree local priorities in addressing issues relating to mental wellbeing, mental health problems and suicide.

Mental Health Ireland will make every effort to support existing partnerships and initiatives which promote mental health and will endeavour to develop new partnership opportunities where possible. One example is the Mental Health Information Board Initiative which has been sponsored for GAA clubs in Kerry, the South East and throughout the Midlands. Another successful initiative which exemplifies the power of collaboration at community level has been the roll-out of the ‘Nurturing Your Mental Health’ project in Longford Library. The aim of this project is to promote positive mental health in the community through the provision of high quality self-help books, CDs, leaflets and a list of recommended websites and helplines. Mental Health Ireland’s Area Development Officers contribute to interagency initiatives at local, regional and national levels. For example, an Area Development Officer sits on the National Family Resource Centre Mental Health Promotion Working Group. As part of this, the Area Development Officer team will be delivering Mental Health Awareness sessions to all FRCs throughout the country over the next two years.

Plan to protect your mental health and wellbeing:


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