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David Dwyer


Hi, my name is David Dwyer, I work as lead peer educator in the Recovery College South East. I have a lived experience of recovery from addiction and mental health challenges. I hold a BA in Criminal Justice Studies and an MA in Social Research.

I have completed training in Mindfulness Based Addiction Relapse Prevention and Wellness Education with Capacitar International which combines tai chi, acupressure and meditation. I am also a qualified yoga teacher. I currently facilitate wellness sessions based on these practices over zoom as part of the recovery college timetable.

Some of the ways in which I maintain good mental health include meditation and yoga practice. While I'm not one for everyday practice, over time I am consistent and have weaved regular meditative practices into my life for many years.

It is great to be able to contribute to this page with Mental Health Ireland and I hope you find something here which can benefit your life.