Individuals and families may want to learn more about what we need for ourselves and how to increase our knowledge on mental health wellbeing and recovery. There are a range of education services available across the country both within the HSE Mental Health services and community sector that delivery family education and courses.

Recovery Colleges, CBT programmes, Family Resource Centres, Involvement Centres, and also across a range of organisations such as SHINE, Mental Health Ireland, GROW, AWARE, Family Carers Ireland, and more. Take a look on to find the details for all the various organisations supporting mental health.

Recovery Education provides a safe learning environment where everyone’s experience is accepted and valued. Through co-production, the process of designing, delivering and participating in recovery education is strengthened. (Mental Health Ireland)

Mental Health Ireland applies our co-production policy to ensure everyone’s voice, including family members, is clearly heard. Our Co-production Policy is about the process of designing, delivering and strengthening participating in everything we do including recovery education.

Click here to go to our Recovery Education in Ireland page. Here you will find a list of Colleges and Centres that deliver recovery education workshops and create opportunities for people with lived experience family members and service providers to share and learn together. You will find their contact details, information on upcoming workshops and courses, and videos and resources on recovery.

You can go directly to the live timetable of all the recovery education workshops and activities being delivered by clicking here.

Mental Health and Family Caring: Supporting the Supporters, is a five-week programme for family members supporting a loved one living with a mental health challenge. It was coproduced in partnership with Family Carers Ireland and people with lived experience of a mental health challenge alongside family members. The programme 

The Mental Health and Family Caring booklet was coproduced with input from participants of the programme and gives some insight to the content of the programme. Download or view a full copy free of charge by clicking on the booklet. Or you can order a booklet by contacting Mental Health Ireland on (01) 284 1166 or Family Carers Ireland on 1800 24 07 24.

Register now for a place on the programme. 

The programme and booklet cover the following modules: 1. Lets Talk Mental Health, 2. Family Recovery, 3. Communication, 4. Boundaries, and 5. Supports and Services.

"‘Listening to the 'lived' experiences of others and learning what they found useful on their 'journey' was the best part of the course. Aspects of their stories resonated with me and I hope to adopt some of the advice they found useful." - Programme Participant