Helpful Reading for Family Recovery

It is well known that families living with mental health challenges require supports that are unique to each family and to each member of the family. When all members of the family are supported and empowered, alongside the person who is experiencing the mental health challenge, then there are better opportunities for whole family recovery.

The following resources are helpful to support further exploration of family recovery and to enhance improved understanding and knowledge. These resources come from both an Irish and international perspective, and also include a selection of the evidence available to support a whole family approach to recovery in mental health.

‘Family recovery is about re-establishing our roles, goals, ambitions, and lives, it’s about learning to maintain our wellbeing and resilience so that we can continue to support our family members / friend’s recovery.’
- Bealach Nua Peer Support Service, Mayo

Research & Evidence

Relational recovery: beyond individualism in the recovery approach 

Rhys Price-Robertson, Angela Obradovic & Brad Morgan (2017) Relational recovery: beyond individualism in the recovery approach, Advances in Mental Health, 15:2, 108-120, DOI: 10.1080/18387357.2016.1243014

Meriden Tools for Recovery

Putting Families First, An Evaluation of Functional Family Therapy in an Irish Context

Alan Carr, Dan Hartnett, Tom Sexton & Clare Graham

Thematic review of family therapy journals 2010.

Carr, A. (2011), Journal of Family Therapy, 33, 429-447

Model of Care for Eating Disorder Services: A guide for people with eating disorders and their families