What We Do

What We Do

At Mental Health Ireland, our aim is to promote and enhance mental health, wellbeing and recovery for all individuals and communities. We aim to support people with lived experience of mental health challenges and their supporters and family members in their recovery.

Established in 1966, Mental Health Ireland is the longest established mental health charity in Ireland. Throughout our history, we and the Mental Health Associations, have played a central role in reshaping how the public understand mental health challenges, bringing practical expression to national policy objectives.

We have Development Officers across the country who link with the network of Mental Health Associations, volunteers and community groups, promoting mental health and supporting recovery in their communities.

Mental Health Ireland are now also the employer of people working in recovery education and peer led community services across the country.

We work very closely with the HSE and the Office of Mental Health Engagement and Recovery. We also work with a range of partners in the statutory, community, voluntary and corporate sectors in Ireland, Europe and Internationally. We are members and actively contribute to the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership and Mental Health Europe.

Our work couldn’t happen without the close relationships we have with members of the coproduction groups we work with who come from all across communities, the voluntary sector and mental health services.

We will continue to strive to create a culture where we are all respected and supported, especially when our mental health is challenged.


Our Mission is to promote and enhance mental health and wellbeing and to create a culture where we are all respected and supported, especially when our mental health is challenged


Our vision is for an Ireland where mental health is valued and supported as an essential part of everyone’s health, so that individuals, family and friends, and communities can thrive



The principles of human rights, equality and equity, recovery and trauma-informed care are all integral to and at the core of our work.
  • We are committed to using coproduction, being evidence informed, improving accessibility,ensuring inclusion & representation and becoming
    more sustainable in our practices.
  • We value volunteers, staff and partners through creating a respectful, equal,
    and supportive environment.
  • Transparency, good governance, and compliance with the highest ethical standards are intrinsic to our work.

To Support us Please Donate by Cheque, Paypal or Text ‘MHI’ to 50300 to Donate €4.

Your donation could give someone hope and let them know they are not alone. With your help we can be there for everyone who needs us. Thank you for your support.


Our workshops aim to help you understand mental health and wellbeing and to be aware of some of the factors that can affect mental health. We also explore some of the ways mental health and wellbeing can be fostered, supported and enhanced as an individual, in the community and in workplaces.

We facilitate workshops across Ireland for groups in the workplace and in community settings. At the moment we provide workshops for over 18s only.

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Mental Health Ireland are delighted to partner with University College Cork, National University of Ireland, Galway and Dublin City University to offer three certificate courses in Mental Health.

The courses explore mental health in community settings (UCC), peer support in mental health (DCU) and the importance of mental health promotion in a number of settings (NUIG).

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Mental Health Ireland have a number of mental health and wellbeing campaigns we are involved with including the arts, sports and recreation, schools and community projects.

To find out more about how you can bring our campaigns to your community please click below.

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We would love to hear from you if you would like to fundraise in aid of Mental Health Ireland.

If you are unsure of what you might like do as your fundraiser please get in touch and we are more than happy to help you find something you will enjoy doing whilst raising much needed funds.

Your donation will give someone hope and let them know they are not alone. With your help we can be there for everyone who needs us.

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Mental Health Associations

Mental Health Ireland has over 30 Mental Health Associations throughout communities in Ireland.

They are all run by volunteers from within the community, including mental health professionals, service users and family members, who provide a range of supports for people with mental health conditions.

To learn more about our Mental Health Associations click the link below.

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