On October 13th, Mental Health Ireland has launched a new co-produced booklet on Menopause and Mental Health, ahead of World Menopause Day on October 18th. We are committed to build further resources next year and review the booklet every two years, so keep an eye on this space!

Mental Health Reform and Mental Health Engagement and Recovery Report

Mental Health Reform (MHR) and the HSE’s Mental Health Engagement and Recovery (MHER) Team conducted two surveys in 2022 to gauge how women felt their mental health and menopause needs respectively were being dealt with in Ireland. The analysis of the conversations identified some common issues and themes, such as the impact on menopause on women’s wellbeing and mental health, inconsistent menopause awareness and knowledge among health professionals and self-help and the support of other women. 

To learn more about it: Exploring the Mental Health Impact of Menopause and Perimenopause (2023)

Athlone Institute of Technology Report

In 2021, the Athlone Institute of Technology conducted the study “Experiences and health behaviours of menopausal women in Ireland”.

A key finding was that the majority of women (77%) felt that they were not prepared for menopause. When asked where they receive their information regarding the menopause the most common response was social media (53%) followed by government websites (40%) and the GP (21%). Family (3%) and friends (6%) were not common sources for gaining information.

To learn more about it: Experiences and Health Behaviours of Menopausal Women in Ireland (2021)

The Co-production Group

A co-production group was established in June 2023 to help Mental Health Ireland to develop the booklet. It was led by Claire Flynn and was composed by experts by experience, supporters, persons who work in services and persons who work with people experiencing menopause and perimenopause.

Useful Menopause Resources

This is a symptom checker for you to use to keep track of your symptoms. Some symptoms may have causes other than menopause, so if you are concerned you should have them checked out.
This list can be used when communicating with your medical provider or supporters.


To mark World Menopause Day – October 18th – Mental Health Ireland hosted a webinar exploring the impact of menopause on our mental health and wellbeing, and ways in which we can protect and nurture ourselves throughout.


Available Support

At the link below you will find information on available support for your menopause/perimenopause, such as:

  • When to contact your general practitioner
  • What to do during a mental health emergency
  • Medical support for complex menopause
  • How to find and access private menopause clinics
  • Counselling and psychotherapists
  • Sex therapists and counselling
  • Free helplines
  • Peer support groups.

Download the PDF here

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