Supports & Services for Families

Supports & Services

Knowing how to access the right supports and services within the mental health services and in the wider community is vital for families living with a mental health challenge. Understanding how services function and what to expect upon accessing the required services and supports, will provide individuals in the family the strength to move forwards. These are all important aspects contributing to family recovery.

There are supports and services available through your statutory, HSE Mental Health Services and also the many and varied community services across the country. You can find more information on all these Mental health –

Statutory Services

The HSE Mental Health, Addiction, Disability and Older People Services are all statutory services run by the state. The Mental Health services are delivered according to age and include General Adult, Child and Adolescent, Later Life and also Rehab and Recovery services.

Within these services are various disciplines, or roles, delivering more specialist services and supports. There are also intervention services, such as Talking Therapies, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Family Therapy, DBT (Didactic Behavioural Therapy), Art Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Nursing, Peer Support, Psychiatry, Psychology, etc.

Other services connected with our mental health services are Recovery Colleges (see education section), Involvement Centres, employment support and housing support.

Community/NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation)

Community and NGO services provide many services that do not require a referral from a GP or to the Mental Health Services. Most are free also as they are funded to provide the service through local or national HSE services. Examples range between practical and emotional and include counselling, information, advocacy, training, education, support groups, peer support and events that promote learning and development.

Please visit Your Mental Health on and Information and advice for families and friends – to find the details for all the various organisations supporting mental health. Information is also provided through the link on a county basis.