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The Covid-19 situation can challenge our mental health but we can rest assured that the supports we need are still there. The way we access these supports may require a temporary adjustment. We might need to put extra effort into looking after our mental health for a while. But we will get through this. Use our tips and worksheets below to support yourself and those around you during this time. 

Family Wellbeing Toolkit

Have a browse of our Family Wellbeing Toolkit or download a full version here. You can also view our full Family Wellbeing List of Resources with clickable links here.

Family Wellbeing Planner

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Mental Health Ireland has shared five simple actions we can all take to protect our mental health and maintain positive wellbeing during uncertain and challenging times. Scroll through to see the Five Ways. 

Enjoy our library of videos & podcasts created to help us support our mental health during difficult times. 

Mental Health Ireland & Midwest Radio Partnership - Mental Health & Wellbeing in Tough Times
Video & Podcast Series with Teresa Keane

Mental Health Ireland are delighted to partner with Midwest Radio on a video and podcast series designed to support your mental health and well-being in tough times. During the series Teresa Keane, Mental Health Ireland Development Officer for Mayo & Roscommon, will explore a range of topics related to mental health and wellbeing. Make sure to pop back soon for the latest videos.

Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep

By Amy Gibney

A healthy sleep routine can be a big difference to how we feel and has great benefits to our physical and mental health. Whether you’ve had sleeping problems before Covid-19, or if they’ve only come on recently, there are clear action steps that you can take to improve your sleep and boost your health and your mood.


Coping with Changes in the Home

By Colman Noctor

How everything about daily life has changed at once. Life for everyone has turned upside down and inside out. The result being a complete rearrangement of our value systems and much of which is unfamiliar and uncertain. The results are going to be different from family to family and person to person. 

Talking to children and young people about COVID-19

The Department of Education and Skills has released some advice for parents and schools on talking to children and young people about COVID-19.

They suggest letting the child or young person’s age and questions guide you as to how much information to give them. 

Five Actions for Wellbeing during Tough Times

Mental Health Ireland has shared five simple actions we can all take to protect our mental health and maintain positive wellbeing during uncertain and challenging times.

Fostering alcohol-free healthy coping tools that will last beyond COVID-19

We have worked with Alcohol Action Ireland to share a set of advice guidelines to help people understand the risk of turning to alcohol during these tough times.


Minding Your Mental Health & Wellbeing as a Volunteer

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Neil Armstrong upon landing on the Moon 1969

Volunteers similarly take that one significant apparently small step which has immeasurable benefits  for mankind.


For Further Support Contact The Samaritans

Samaritans is a unique charity dedicated to reducing feelings of isolation and disconnection that can lead to suicide. Every six seconds they respond to a call for help. They’re there 24/7, before, during and after a crisis and they make sure there’s always someone there, for anyone who needs someone.