A: As this is once-off funding, it is not suited to creating new posts or employing staff members. However, you may use the funding to contract specified services for a time defined period or task.

A: Yes. Provided the products required will benefit your project and that project falls under the 4 Domains of Sharing the Vision and or the 8 Goals of Connecting for Life

A: The system will not allow you to complete your application, without the correct paperwork. Email Grants2022@mentalhealhireland.ie if you have any questions.

A: No, this Grant Scheme is for programmes and projects that can be completed within 2022.

A: No. The maximum grant awarded to any one organisation will not exceed €30,000, Applicants may be in a position to supplement the grant with their own existing funds. Proof of the availability of these additional funds will be required if the proposed project costs exceed €30,000.

A: Our administration team will make sure you have applied correctly and they may get in touch to clarify specific parts of your application. Your proposal will then be reviewed by an Application Review Panel. You will be contacted, regardless of the outcome, approximately 3-5 weeks after submission.

A: This Grant Scheme is open to all for Community and Voluntary Groups with projects that will progress specific recommendations and objectives from Sharing the Vision, Ireland’s National Mental Health Policy or Connecting for Life, the National Suicide Prevention policy.

A: Yes, as Mental Health Ireland’s 3-year strategy ‘Mental Health for All - Hope, Strength & Action’ is fully aligned to ‘Sharing the Vision’.

A: Yes, If a school is a registered charity in Ireland with a CHY number they can apply. However, the project must meet all criteria and be aligned with Sharing the Vision and or Connecting for Life objectives

A: No, this grant is specifically for Community and Voluntary Organisations and not for individuals. Those applying must be from a registered charity and provide a CHY number

A: Unfortunately applicants must be applying on behalf of a registered charity in Ireland and be able to share their unique CHY number. Grant proposals must align with the recommendations of the Irish National mental health policy, Sharing the Vision and / or the self-harm and suicide reduction policy Connecting for Life

A: In this case the registered charity itself needs to apply and the project must align with Sharing the Vision and / or Connecting for life and meet the requirements of the grant scheme

A: No. This is a once-off grant that is not associated with previous grants, being a registered charity is an entry requirement to this 2022, once-off grant scheme.

A: The Annual Report submitted to the Charity Regulator can help to illustrate that your group has experience and expertise in the area that you are seeking funds for. It is possible to move past this section and bypass this question or upload a blank document

A: Yes, you should be able to bypass this. If not, simply upload a blank document

A: No, no entity other than a registered charity can apply under this particular Grant scheme as per our T&Cs. This would rule out any social enterprise who are not also registered with the Charities Regulatory Authority.

A: Yes, provided you are a registered charity with a CHY number and your project is aligned with the objectives and goals of Sharing the Vision and/or Connecting for Life

A: Yes. If the person is already employed and for a specific project that aligns to the goals and objectives of Sharing the Vision and/or Connecting for Life you may apply for this grant.
Please Note: as this is a once-off Grant, no continuation of salary costs can be expected under this scheme.

A: If you are registered in Ireland, you are eligible to apply for the grants scheme. Though the grants must relate to Ireland’s National mental health policy 'Sharing the Vision' recommendations.

A: As this is a fixed sum, once-off grant scheme, it is important that the funding received must be sufficient to offer and conclude the course of Counselling (usually a minimum of 6 sessions).
Please also bear in mind Minister Butler made another €1m available to MyMind who offer free Counselling services see www.MyMind.ie

Technical Questions

A: If you have made any mistakes on your submission you can email support to update your application as long as your application has not been fully processed.

A: The system recorded a technical glitch on Thursday Feb 7th. If you created your account before then, unfortunately - the data has been removed and you will need to start over. However, contact us at Grants2022@mentalhealhireland.ie for assistance and download a word version of the application HERE