IIMHL/IIDL – Artwork Collaboration (MHI, Linn Dara & Oberstown Children’s Detention Campus)

Valuing Inclusion, Resilience & Growth


This is a project that authentically depicts expression of inclusion, resilience and growth, co-produced remotely. This is achieved by a visual coming together of young people. These young people are experiencing varying challenges in their lives at the moment. 

We know the importance of human connection and the positive impact this has on our mental health. However, for some young people, this is something which can be further out of their reach as a result of these challenges.

This project supported the creation of meaningful connections through art. The young people did not get to meet each other throughout the process, no names were exchanged but a remote trust was created, an understanding that they were part of something special together was formed and they created an apart safe space to share with each other their thoughts, hopes and feelings through the medium of art.

The Delegates

The delegates of the 2022 IIMHL/IIDL are being asked to take part in this project by making their mark, depict their understanding and communicate with the young people on what valuing inclusion, resilience and growth looks like to them. This shared insight will go towards an empathetic resonance visible for all leaders to witness.


The aim of this project was to create a piece of artwork for the IIMHL/IIDL 2022 Leadership Exchange in the Europe Regional Hub – Dublin based on the theme of the event which is ‘Valuing Inclusion, Resilience & Growth’. The project focused on workshopping and exploring the shared values and shared objectives of the partnership with a commitment to the young people’s voices and self-expression. The artwork is a collaboration between the young people in Child and Mental Health Service (CAMHS) in Linn Dara AC, Oberstown Children’s Detention Campus and Mental Health Ireland.

A blank  9 piece jigsaw was crafted by Oberstown woodwork department,  as a backdrop to ignite imagination amongst the artists involved. These blank pieces were divided among both groups of young people, with 2 pieces reserved for the delegates of the IIMHL /IIDL Leadership Exchange in the European Hub in Dublin.

Bringing together the young people from Linn Dara AC and Oberstown Children’s Detention Campus to create a piece of art responds to the theme of ; ‘Valuing Inclusion, Resilience and Growth’. This project tells the story from the perspective of a young person with lived experience of mental ill-health and (intellectual disability?). The pieces of the jigsaw when brought back together will capture what ‘Valuing Inclusion, Resilience & Growth’ really means to young people experiencing challenges in Ireland today.