MHI Tony Leahy Scholarship Application Form
UCC Certificate in Mental Health in the Community

Scholarship Information

The Certificate in Mental Health in the Community (Level 6) (Part-time) is a joint collaboration between Mental Health Ireland and Adult Continuing Education (ACE) in University College Cork. Mental Health Ireland award up to 60 individual Scholarships each year for our four partner programmes.

  • Scholarships are awarded up to a maximum of 50% of course fees.
  • Scholarship Awards are competitive, may vary in amount and strict eligibility criteria will apply.
  • The closing date for receipt of Tony Leahy Scholarship Applications is Thursday 27th August 2021.
  • Scholarship Applications received after this date will not be considered. 
  • Please note that scholarships awarded will be in respect of the programme commencing within the year in which the application is made only.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

There are two key selection criteria which Mental Health Ireland will apply in order to determine eligibility. These are:

  1. Membership of one of Mental Health Ireland’s three Target Groups (listed below).
  2. Quality and relevance of information included in the Personal Statement.

Mental Health Ireland will prioritise applications received from the following target groups listed below in order of descending priority, where Group 1 receives highest priority. Applicants who are a member of more than one eligible group will receive an additional weighting.

Group 1:         Peers / persons having self-experience of mental health difficulties

Group 2:         Family members / carers of people who use the mental health services.

Group 3:         Individuals engaged in community activism/volunteering/working in the area of mental health.


In any year, should the number of equally eligible applicants exceed the number of Scholarship Awards available, a lottery system will then apply.

As funding is limited not everyone who applies will receive a scholarship.

Applicants for the scholarship will be informed by early September as to the outcome of their scholarship application. 


Payment of the Tony Leahy Scholarship

Applicants wishing to participate in the Certificate in Mental Health in the Community are required to pay the first instalment of their fees (50%) directly to UCC in advance of commencement on the course, irrespective of the outcome of their Scholarship application.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome from the Tony Leahy Scholarship application process by Mental Health Ireland by early September.

Scholarships awarded will be paid directly to UCC when the second fee instalment falls due and will only be paid once confirmation is received from UCC that the first instalment has been paid in full and all course requirements have been met.

Fill out the application form below.

Please note when filling out the application form, the form will not save your details if you refresh or close the page. It can be helpful to note the questions down and type your answers elsewhere and then copy to the online application form when you are ready to apply. If you require any further information please contact Sonia or Amy by emailing or phone Sonia on 085 2346384. 

When you click ‘Send’ we will get a copy of your application form. You will also get a copy sent to your own email. 

The closing date for receipt of Tony Leahy Scholarship Applications is Thursday 27th August 2021.

    Thank you for applying for the Tony Leahy Scholarship. We will be in touch in early September to let you know the outcome of your application. If you have any questions you can drop Amy or Sonia a line at