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5,000 Steps to Wellbeing on National Walking Day 2020

By 24th September 2018March 22nd, 2022No Comments

To celebrate National Walking Day, Sunday September 27th, we are inviting you to walk 5,000 Steps to Wellbeing. 

Download your 5,000 Steps to Wellbeing pack

Get Ireland Walking and Mental Health Ireland are inviting you to join the 3.1 million people who are walking since Covid-19 began and take part in National Walking Day as part of European Week of Sport, working with Ireland’s network of Local Sports Partnership.

5,000 Steps or 4km is available to everyone!  The walk promotes the Five Ways to Wellbeing – actions we can take to look after our wellbeing. They were developed from extensive research carried out by the New Economics Foundation and they are:

All five are easy to incorporate into our lives and we’re probably doing some of them already without even realising!

The 5,000 Steps is an opportunity for you, your family and friends come together to learn about the Five Ways to Wellbeing whilst connecting and enjoying a stroll together – while staying safe and adhering to Covid-19 public health guidelines

  1. Connect: Spend some meaningful time with others on National Walking Day without screens or other distractions! 
  2. Be active: Get moving on September 27th to boost your mood and reduce your stress levels. 
  3. Take notice: Stay present in the here and now and see what you can notice when out walking.  Take a few moments to tune into the nature around you – birds singing, the colour of trees changing colour for autumn, as well as your thoughts and feelings. Being more aware of the world around us can help us enjoy life more and understand ourselves better. 
  4. Keep learning: Learn about the Five Ways to Wellbeing on your walk on the 27th! Learn about yourself, and those around you. Learn something new about nature that day. The choices are endless! 
  5. Give: Give yourself that time on National Walking Day to enjoy some fresh air and movement. Give yourself the gift of a better mood. Give back to your community by organising a walk. 
Watch the Five Ways to Wellbeing video 

Download your very own 5,000 Steps to Wellbeing on National Walking Day pack and get in touch with us at fundraising@mentalhealthireland.ie to get your 5,000 Steps t shirts and fundraising kit if you plan to support Mental Health Ireland on the day. 

Download your 5,000 Steps to Wellbeing pack