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    • Creativity for Wellbeing Workbook

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    Enjoy listening to the visualisations from the workbook. They are arranged by Chapter and Theme. Just click to play. You will be guided by the lovely Miffy Hoad

    Download the Visualisation Transcripts below. 

    Creativity for Wellbeing Workbook

    This wellbeing workbook by Mental Health Ireland uses creative tools to guide you on your journey of self-discovery and wellbeing. It includes visualisations, reflections, journaling, mindful colouring, quotes, and coaching tools. The workbook will help you to harness your creativity to reach your goals.

    Illustrated by Artist Dominika Stoppa

    The Creativity for Wellbeing Workbook is beautifully illustrated by artist Dominika Stoppa. Dominika is a Polish-born artist. Her Work / Shop is based in Castlecomer Craft Yard, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland. Coming from a family with a multigenerational tradition of artists and craft makers, she received a Fine Arts Degree in 2008 (Art School in Gdynia, Poland). Dominika specialises in botanical illustrations, linocut prints and portraiture. You can find out more about Dominika and her work as an artist, illustrator, printmaker, entrepreneur & workshop facilitator here.

    The ROSE Model

    In this wellbeing workbook we use the ROSE Model to create a blueprint to discover our authentic self and to begin living our lives by it. Life directions and life decisions become less complicated when they are viewed in the context of their true values and beliefs. In each chapter we will explore an element of the ROSE Model. We have also carefully and thoughtfully selected creative elements and coaching tools for each chapter to support you to deepen your knowledge of what is important to you. These include visualisations, mindful colouring pages, a Wheel of Life tool, a Life Resumé, quotes, reflective questions, a values tool, the GROW tool and many more. We were lucky to have the creator of the ROSE Model, Paula King, guiding the incorporation of the model. Paula is also the Director of Kingstown College. Find out more here.

    The Creativity for Wellbeing Workbook was coproduced by a generous and passionate group of mental health promoters, community development workers, recovery education experts, coaching experts, people with lived experience of managing the challenges of mental distress and members of the team in Mental Health Ireland. 

    Proceeds from the sale of the Creativity for Wellbeing Workbook

    All proceeds from the sale of the Creativity for Wellbeing Workbook will go to Mental Health Ireland (CHY 5594), a charity whose mission is to promote and enhance mental health and wellbeing and to create a culture where we are all respected and supported, especially when our mental health is challenged.

    Browse and download some complementary Mindful Colouring Pages by Dominika Stoppa by clicking on the images below.