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I Woke Up Sad Today…

By 13th July 2018March 21st, 2022No Comments

Ellie has been very kind to share with us her thoughts on waking up sad sometimes.

“I woke up sad today.

No particular reason.

Maybe Im tired?

I dont understand.

I have been doing alot lately.

But no more then a normal person

I havent been eating properly either.

But everything hurts.

The kettle is so heavy to lift.

I dont have energy to make a proper meal.

Or the want to leave the house and face people.

So I have toast. My go to.

I should drink water.

I should go for a walk.

But I cant.

I have brain fog.

Ask me a simple question that I cant answer.

What do you want for dinner?



I know this feeling wont last.

I will feel better tomorrow,


I woke up sad today.”

Thanks Ellie for sharing!

If you need support you can contact your GP or the Samaritans on 116 123