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Welcome to the ‘Sharing the Vision – Translating Policy into Practice’ webinar in celebration of World Mental Health Day.

This event has been co-produced by Mental Health Ireland and members of the Galway Local Mental Health Forum, Wexford Mental Health Association, Mayo Recovery College, Kilkenny Local Mental Health Forum, the Office of Mental Health Engagement & Recovery, CHO 6 Recovery Education, and HSE Mental Health Services.

We are delighted to have panelists from the Mental Health Commission, Mental Health Reform, the Office of Mental Health Engagement & Recovery, the HSE Mental Health Services, the National Office for Suicide Prevention, and University College Cork.

In keeping with the theme of World Mental Health Day, Mental Health for All – Greater Investment – Greater Access. Everyone, everywhere, our coproduction team for the event were keen to explore Sharing the Vision – a Mental Health Policy for Everyone for the period 2020-2030 through a lens of tangibility. To do this we engaged speakers who represent projects that are already translating the recommendations in Sharing the Vision into practice and which also embody the 4 principles of the policy; Recovery, Trauma Informed, Human Rights, and Valuing & Learning.

Furthermore, we have invited a panel of subject matter experts to reflect on the following questions from their perspective; ‘How will we know when the policy is successfully implemented?’, and ‘What does a mental health system that encapsulates the principles of Recovery, Trauma-Informed, Human Rights and Valuing and Learning look like?’. The panel will be hosted by Hugh Kane, Chair of the Oversight Group for Sharing the Vision – a Mental Health Policy for Everyone for the period 2020-2030 and current Chairman of the Board for Mental Health Ireland.

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Art & Music

Browse the stunning art, music and poetry created by students of Mayo Recovery College, led by Billy Clarke.

Speaker, Panelist & Contributor Bios

Experts by experience, supporters and providers coproduced this event. Read their bios here. 

Martin Rogan, RPN, RGN, MSc (Health Economics), CEO, Mental Health Ireland ……………………………..

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Martin Rogan’s professional background is in Nursing, both Psychiatric and General he has worked across all aspects of mental health care over the past 35 years.  

In 2002 he was appointed as Director for Mental Health and Addiction with the then South Western Area Health Board where he was responsible for service planning, monitoring and evaluation. In 2004 he was appointed Assistant Chief Executive Officer with responsibility for mental health, addiction services, environmental health, social inclusion, intercountry adoption, homelessness and traveller health. 

In May 2005 he was appointed as the first National Care Group Manager for Mental Health of the newly formed  Health Service Executive. In this role Martin was responsible for planning and strategic direction of all public mental health services in the Republic of Ireland. He was responsible for the public mental health services readiness and preparation for the implementaton of the Mental Health Act 2001. 

Martin played a leadership role in the implementation of Ireland’s ‘Vision for Change’ mental health policy from 2006 to 2014. He was apponted to Ireland’s Mental Health Commission on two occasionsHe has played a central role in fostering person-centric service design and capacity building amongst mental health service users and carers in Ireland. 

Martin Rogan has served as Chair of the the IIMHL (International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership). The IIMHL brings together the national mental health leaders from England, Scotland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and Ireland. He is currently a Board Member of IIMHL. 

Martin has a Masters in Health Economics and has senior management experience in the Disability, Not-for-Profit and independent sectors in Ireland and overseas and has  provided guidance, training and consultancy on mental health policy, law, economics and wide-scale change management.  

In January 2017, he was appointed as CEO of Mental Health Ireland. Mental Health Ireland is a National voluntary organisation which promotes positive mental health and supports people with mental health needs providing peer led education and activities, social supports and community connection. 

 Fiona Coyle,
CEO, Mental Health Reform


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Fiona Coyle joined Mental Health Reform in 2020 as Chief Executive Officer. Before this, Fiona spent two years as Director of END FGM Europe. Fiona has extensive experience working in national and international civil society organisations, specialising in strategic and political planning and implementing multi stakeholder advocacy. Fiona was International Advocacy Manager at IPPF European Network where she led the federations engagement with the European institutions. She has previously been the network coordinator for EuroNGOs and Programme Manager at Dóchas, the Irish national platform of Development NGOs where she managed policy and programme co-ordination across the network of 65 NGOs and other civil society


Dr Sharon Lambert, Lecturer and Co-director of Masters in Applied Psychology,  MAAP, UCC

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Dr Sharon Lambert joined the teaching staff in the School of Applied Psychology in 2014 following a number of years working within community based settings that provide supports to marginalised groups. Sharon’s research interests revolve primarily around the impact of trauma on development, its link with substance dependence and mental health and consequent considerations for service design and delivery. Sharon conducts research with community based partners such as addiction, homelessness, criminal justice and education organisations. The research looks at both primary psychological trauma (Adverse Childhood & Community Experiences) and secondary traumatic stress. The impact of trauma on well being and outcomes is explored and the application of research and theory to service delivery is of significant interest. Sharon regularly delivers talks to professionals working in front line services. Sharon has delivered training seminars to the Metropolitan Police in the U.K. and to the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation in Ireland. Sharon has also acted as a special advisor to Garda Working Groups and the EU.  

John Farrelly​, Chief Executive, Mental Health Commission …………………………….. …………………………….. 

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John Farrelly was educated at the  Royal College of Surgeons​, the Honourable Society of King’s Inns​, the Harvard Kennedy School​, Smurfit Business School​ and the University College Dublin​. John trained as a mental health nurse and worked in  Ireland and England in both clinical and management positions​. Prior to becoming Chief Executive of Mental Health Commission​, John occupied the roles of Charities Regulator​ and Deputy Chief Inspector of Social Services​.  John’s professional goal is to develop efficient and effective organisations which deliver optimum impact for the public through skilled, determined and compassionate people.​ His expertise is in quality improvement, regulation, behavioural psychology & data analytics creates and sustains organisations where people are the priority, and impact is achieved through strategic and operational planning linked to a culture of delivery, personal and group insight and collaboration.​ He has a passion for all sports, most particularly Gaelic Football.​

John Meehan, Assistant National Director/Head of National Office for Suicide Prevention and Lead for Community Strategy & Planning/ HSE

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John began his career as a psychiatric nurse and worked in London for 13 years in a number of clinical and managerial positions before returning to Ireland where he took over the position of Director of Nursing in Sligo/Leitrim Mental Health Services. He continued his career as Regional Mental Health Specialist for HSE West and later took over the position of Senior Operations Manager within the HSE Mental Health Division. Following this John took over the position of interim Area Manager in Galway/Roscommon Mental Health Service before returning to the Mental Health Division and taking over the position of Assistant National Director & of NOSP. John’s national brief was extended in January 2018 to include Mental Health Strategy and Planning. John holds a Masters in Public Sector Management and has a paticular interest in Mental Health Legislation, Mental Health and Primary Care and currently chairs the mental health strategy group as part of cross border work with colleagues in Northern Ireland in collaboration with Cooperation And Working Together (CAWT).

Catherine Brogan

Development and Training Manager

Mental Health Ireland

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Catherine Brogan lives in Co Kildare and is married with three grown children and five beautiful grandchildren. Catherine is qualified in nursing, project management, events management, executive coaching, QQI in Training, Delivery and Evaluation and certification in Charity Law, Governance and Trusteeship with the Law Society. Catherine has an established track record of formulating, implementing and refining strategy, coproducing and delivering training programmes, adept at event organization as well as managing the professional development of staff. In a voluntary capacity, Catherine in 2001 co-founded and co-ordinates Turas Le Cheile which provides support for those bereaved including those bereaved by suicide and the provision of Psychological First Aid to communities in the aftermath of tragic incidents. She is also a Director of Alcohol Action Ireland. 



Aisling Doherty, Mental Health Promotion Manager, Mental Health Ireland ……………………………..


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Aisling is an IUHPE registered Health Promotion practitioner working in the mental health and charity sector for over ten years. Currently as Mental Health Promotion Manager with Mental Health Ireland she oversees the delivery of mental health and wellbeing programmes and initiatives while advancing the priorities of MHI’s current strategy – Empowerment – From Ideas to Action 2019 – 2021. Aisling currently represents Mental Health Ireland on the national working group for the HSE Mental Health Promotion Plan development. 

Anne Sheridan, Programme Manager Mental Health and Wellbeing, HSE Health and Wellbeing  


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Anne Sheridan works for the HSE as Programme Manager for Mental Health and Wellbeing. Previously she has worked as Mental Health Promotion & Suicide Resource Officer in Donegal. Anne has led on the development and implementation of a range of mental health promotion initiatives over many years.  Her current work includes leading on the development of a mental health promotion plan for the HSE, a framework to mainstream social prescribing within the HSE and programmes to support mental health and wellbeing of staff and general public. 

Dr. Sheila Kissane

Principal Psychologist


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Dr. Sheila Kissane is a Principal Psychologist in the HSE and currently is the Programme Manager for the Service Reform Fund in the South East (CHO 5), which funds the IPS programme in County Wexford and Waterford.   

Maria McGoldrick, Area Lead for Mental Health Engagement & Recovery and Interim Lead for Service Improvement ……………………………..

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Maria McGoldrick is a Family Member & Supporter, who has been actively involved in advancing recovery in Ireland for several decades.  With over 5 years’ experience as a Family Peer Supporter with Bealach Nua in Mayo Mental Health Services, Maria has extensive experience in developing recovery-orientated mental health services. She is Area Lead for Mental Health Engagement & Recovery for Community Healthcare West, and Interim Lead for Service Improvement. 

Danni Burke, Secretary of Cosáin CLG, Board Member of Galway Autism Partnership, and Worker-Owner of An Áit Eile Cooperative

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Danni Burke is an Expert-by-Experience and self-advocate. She is currently Secretary of the peer-led mental health charity Cosáin CLG, Board Member of Galway Autism Partnership, and Worker-Owner of An Áit Eile Cooperative. Danni is currently consulting on the codesign of the Galway Community Cafe, and contributes to the HSE National Clinical Programme for the Assessment and Management of Patients Presenting to Emergency Departments following Self-Harm. 

Thom Stewart, Chair of the Galway Local Forum, Director of Hope and Homes, and Co-Founder of An Áit Eile ……………………………..

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Thom Stewart is a member of the Mad Community, and Chair of the Galway Local Forum. He is currently a director of the workers coop Hope and Homes, offering home maintenance support to at-risk households, and Co-Founder of the Social Coop An Áit Eile. 

Colin McDonald,  Chairperson, Kilkenny Mental Health Forum..


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Colin McDonald,  a Carlow man living in Kilkenny, is the chairperson of the Kilkenny Mental Health Forum. He is a family member with an interest in promoting positive mental health in the community and encourages this through representation of the local forum on local HSE and community groups.

Millie Ryan, Member of Kilkenny Mental Health Forum, ……………………………..

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Millie Ryan is a member of the Kilkenny Mental Health Forum since it began as a Consumer Panel in 2010. Through this group and in her various other roles, Millie campaigns to progress our mental health services for individuals and families alongside service providers and community groups in Kilkenny.

Michael Brennan

Member of Kilkenny Mental Health Forum

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Michael Brennan is originally from Mayo living in Kilkenny since 1979. He is a retired teacher with an interest in the whole area of mental health. He was a member of the Consumer Panel, and now the Mental Health Forum where he supports the groups work in service improvement.

Gina Delaney

Development Officer, Mental Health Ireland ..

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Gina Delaney is the Development Officer for MHI in the South East and a member of the Kilkenny Mental Health Forum. She is passionate about promoting mental health wellbeing and recovery by linking in with and supporting groups across the South East such as the local and area forums.

Alison Martin, Employment Specialist with Wexford Mental Health Association

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Alison Martin is an Employment Specialist with Wexford Mental Health Association, offering Individual Placement Support (IPS) in North County Wexford. 

Lucy McLoughlin, Participant on the Employment Specialist Programme 

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Lucy McLoughlin was a Participant on the Employment Specialist Programme and a client of Marion Barry. Since starting the programme, Lucy secured employment as a barista with Wexford Book Centre. Lucy recently secured her second job as a barista in The Netherlands to fund her Master’s Degree. 

Alan Doolan, Owner of Two Heads Website and Graphic Design 

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Alan Doolan is the Owner/manager of Two Heads Website and Graphic Design based in Wexford Enterprise Centre. As an employer participating in the Employment Specialist Programme, Alan has championed the IPS model in County Wexford  

Paula Lowney, Senior Occupational Therapist, HSE Mental Health Services 

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Paula Lowney is a Senior Occupational Therapist in the HSE Mental Health Services and currently Service Reform Fund (SRF) Project Lead in the South East (CHO5) with responsibility for IPS and Community Residence strands of the SRF Programme.  

Marion Barry, IPS Coordinator & Employment Specialist 


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Marion Barry IPS Coordinator & Employment Specialist who is employed by the Wexford Mental Health Association and delivers IPS in South County Wexford. Marion Barry leads a team of three Employment Specialists in the County.


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Coproduction Team: Catherine Brogan, Sonia Rennicks, Amy Gibney, Martin Rogan, Carmen Bryce, Billy Clarke, Karen McHale, Paula Lowney, Aoife Petrani O’Brien, Maria McGoldrick, Thom Stewart, Michael Norton, Gina Delaney, Patrick Leddy, Aisling Doherty, Anne Sheridan, Sheila Kissane.

TD. Mary Butler, Minister for Mental Health & Older People

MC Catherine Brogan

Hugh Kane – Chair of the Board of MHI

Event Promotion: Carmen Bryce & MHI Team

Art and Music Collation: Billy Clarke & Students and Friends of the Mayo Recovery College

Moderators: Patrick Leddy & Amy Gibney

Presenters – Aisling Doherty, Anne Sheridan, Thom Stewart, Maria McGoldrick, Danni Burke , Alison Martin, Marion Barry, Lucy McLoughlin, Paula Lowney, Alan Doolin, Sheila Kissane, Martin Rogan, Gina Delaney, Millie Ryan, Colin McDonald, Michael Brennan

Panelists: Sharon Lambert, Martin Rogan, Fiona Coyle, Anne Sheridan, John Meehan, John Farrelly, Michael Ryan

Graphics and Website – Sonia and Carmen

Social Media – Carmen Bryce

Technical Team – Sonia Rennicks

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